Every advocate is a lawyer, but not every lawyer is an advocate. Lawyers know how to be very creative. And this is evidenced by the law firm Karko advokáti, which communicates in a refreshingly new way for the legal segment. Rather than aiming to attract new customers, the client wants a distinctive website that visitors remember.

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Intuitive navigation is one of the key elements of web design.
The way we move from one section of the site to another
and the way we browse the content can profoundly affect ours
user experience. Website owners want it mostly to play
it safe and therefore use a proven vertical navigation
we are all used to. However, horizontal scrolling may look
much more interesting than its vertical counterpart.
ZA Karkom
Zuzana Ondrejkova
Tomáš Jurčo
Lukáš Hamza
Róbert Hmira
Lívia Bilešová
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