Awarded SILVER for Slovak graphic design :)

22. Decembra 2021 By Milan
Best placed of Central European countries.

The international Card Coutre Award Fedrigoni design competition took place in September. When I found out about this competition, I first thought it would be more of a chamber competition. Yet the opposite was true. This phase covered Germany, Austria, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia. The competition had many entries - in terms of number and especially quality. Leading design teams from these countries entered more than 350 projects, with the only condition being the use of Fedrigoni paper. Fedrigoni has been around for 400 years and provides thousands of various paper items. Fedrigoni paper is among Europe's most expensive and best. Hence its use mainly by leading companies that pay utmost attention to quality presentation. Such leading companies always include Mercedes, BMW, Hans Grohe, and Edding.

Photo: Milan Jursa and Sylvia Jursová

We competed with the image-product catalogue of ARTRA (manufacturer of work shoes sold in 32 European countries). Its sales using classic catalogues are an integral part of business strategy and marketing, while it also prioritises digital presentation and sales. Digital media has put enormous pressure on the printing and graphics industries in the last decade, resulting in a shift from quantity to quality. Requirements for the quality of graphic designers, materials, and technologies have greatly increased. This trend has been observed by clients and designers around the world. It was also a frequent conversation point with international colleagues during the barbecue party. 

Codes Creative has been nominated in one of the four "Graphic Design and Communication“ categories. The awards ceremony took place in the Austrian mountain resort of Maria Alm. Attendance was limited due to strict anti-Covid measures. At the gala night, we were awarded silver as the best positioned non-French-speaking country. This silver gave us a nomination for the pan-European competition, enabling us to showcase the quality of Slovak graphic design in Europe. All fans and friends - please keep your fingers crossed. Check out the awarded project here.

Milan Jursa, CEO

Team ARTRA catalogue 2021/22


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